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DVMS is a software company that specializes in consulting and application development, solutions on mobile devices.
- Have experience in providing high quality IT services to individuals and businesses in Viet Nam and many countries around the world.
- Apply strict quality control process and listens to customer feedback to improve service quality.
- Good experience in large and complex projects.
- We have a large team of engineers, mastering many software engineering, network and telecommunications ...

DVMS are here to assist you through each step of your mobile project:

Mobile application overview: our experts review with you all the concepts that you want to implement in your mobile project by focusing on the emerging aspects related to mobile sites/applications, targets, homepage elements, storyboard.

Mobile application design: our experts make suggestions and advise you on ergonomics and the graphic charter, key elements for the success of your application.

Mobile application development: all you have to do is choose the type of development project (mobile application, web application or mobile site) and the target platform (iOS, Android, Windows phone, Blackberry... ), and our experts make sure they develop your mobile project in compliance with the quality standards and requirements.

Deployment: we will assist you through each step of your mobile project publication on the Store of the target platform (iOS, Android, Windows phone, Blackberry... ). We will also advise you on the marketing strategy to be adopted in order to make your project visible.

Maintenance and upgrade: once implemented, a mobile development project requires follow-up to update its content, to carry out minor upgrades required by users and fix possible bugs. Our teams deal with requests via a management platform and take care of everything for you.



* Get closer to your customers: since most people are 24/7 connected, brand advertising through a mobile site means much more than promoting an image. It is a unique way to keep your users updated with your latest news, to build customer loyalty and to be in the forefront of millions of prospects' minds.

* Extend your IS (Information System) to improve working efficiency within your company. Going mobile will facilitate your collaborators' access to critical information related to sales assistance (product catalogs, quick estimate, client records, etc.), management key figures (dashboard), operation and production fault follow-up (geolocation, photographing, notifications, etc.)

* Increase your website's reach: a mobile website requires specific ergonomics and design to be reached from mobile terminals and to make users want to come back. Accessibility and usability are the keywords.

* Implement your "mobile" idea: we are here to help you draft your revolutionary concepts for mobile use and turn them into real mobile applications.


Mobile application types, What type of mobile application project to choose?

Choose from our wide range of mobile development projects the one that best suits your objectives:

1. Native mobile applications: are specifically designed for mobile devices and are available only via the online store of the chosen OS (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry ...). They allow the use of all platform features and can be easily and accurately accessed/used offline (without Internet connection).

2. Multiplatform mobile applications: (PhoneGap, Titanium, Rhomobile, Qt…) are developed on a common code base, and are slightly adapted afterwards to make them accessible to target Oss ( iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry... ). They allow the use of fewer features than native mobile applications but can also be accessed/used offline.

3. Mobile internet sites: are optimized Internet sites for mobile devices and they can be accessed via the web browser of the chosen OS ( iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry... ). They can be accessed/used only online.

4. Web applications: are improved Internet sites with ergonomics adapted to compete against mobile applications. They can be accessed directly from the OS (without using an Internet browser), but Internet connection is necessary.

5. Proprietary mobile applications: are aimed at specific equipment such as payment terminals, intelligent scanners or any other equipment specific to your activity.

6. Web-App: Many iOS features (calendar, directory, geolocation, camera…) can only be accessed via a native application (App) and not via a web browser or mobile website. It is however possible to benefit from your already developed mobile website by creating a Web-App. i.e. a mixed application between an App (native to the OS) and this mobile website. You can embed the pages of your mobile website by using an App as a container, while keeping the advantage of the native feature and making it available for download from the Apple App store. Even without an existing mobile website, a web-app allows for faster and central content update towards the Apps (iOS or other). Facebook... is one of the many applications using this method.

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The 21 billion mobile applications ( iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry ... ) forecast to be sold in 2013 make the mobile environment the most commonly used relationship marketing tool and an extension of information systems. In this context, your application's design and ergonomics become the 1st priority as you surely do not want your brand image to be harmed and users to be put off the first time they log in.

Mobile terminals (iPhone, ipad, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry ...) are the best solution when you do not have access to a desktop computer, embedding new features such as camera, geolocation, accelerometer, touchscreen, which increase the level of user involvement. From smartphones to tablets such as the iPad, this new spectrum of devices is redrawing the boundaries of what today's Mobile Internet Users can do: communicate, use, work and play anywhere and anytime.

DVMS portfolio: Scribd | Google Drive

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